David Bowman, Jeweler
Making high-quality artisan chainmaille jewelry since 2006.

At Desert Chains, every piece is slowly and carefully created to bring the maximum beauty and enjoyment.

Since 2006, David Bowman has worked continually to improve the quality of his jewelry making skills. This hard work has paid off. First place for eight years in a row at the NM State Fair Jewelry Competition–Chainmaille category:

Helping New Artisans

David also teaches others how to create their own. He has published 13 tutorials, all named “…Made Easy.” He has sold literally hundreds of tutorials, with very positive reviews.

His approach is simple: use a lot of pictures, describe each step completely, and show every single step. His tutorials also provide tips and techniques he has developed through years of making these designs. You can see them here.

How It’s Made

All jewelry starts as a coil of sterling silver or gold-fill wire. David makes his own jump rings for the jewelry, carefully matching wire gauge and ring size, and lightly files each ring to smooth out the cut edges. Then, wearing his magnifying headset, he weaves the rings together into a variety of beautiful and intricate designs. For most pieces, rings around the clasps and other stress points are welded closed; for some pieces, all the rings are welded closed. For the final step, all pieces are hand washed and polished to a very high shine.

Quality Craftsmanship

David wearing his Full Persian chain bracelet

What sets Desert Chains apart from other artisans?

  1. Handmade Rings
    I make all my own rings.
    Wire gauge and ring sizes are matched for the right mix of design requirements, chain flexibility, and beauty.
  2. Smooth Edges and Weaving
    The cut edges of all rings are lightly filed to smooth out sharp edges.
    Unlike with most other chainmaille, you won’t get scratched.
    (Really, who else does this? It doubles the weaving time, but it’s worth it!)
  3. Exact Ring Closures
    This is the number one difference between amateur and professional chainmaille jewelers.
    The rings are not distorted, they are fully closed, and they won’t catch on clothing or scratch.
    Perfect ring closure are necessary for a flexible chain that will last without rings opening accidentally.
  4. Heirloom Quality
    Welded rings! Most chainmaille doesn’t require welded rings. The rings won’t open with normal usage. If they do, I’ll fix them for you. For all designs, rings at the clasps and other stress points are welded. For some designs, as needed, all the rings are welded. Welded rings are very, very rare for chainmaille, but it takes the jewelry to the highest level. It also takes a long time. 
  5. Finishing & Shine
    Every piece is carefully inspected to ensure the weaving is correct and the rings are closed perfectly.
    Finished pieces are first cleaned by hand and ultrasonic cleaning, and then they are tumble-polished for a high jewelry-store shine (or better). It’s the best polishing!
  6. Variable Pricing
    Prices reflect the weight of the materials and the hours to make the jewelry. As a result, the price depends on the actual length of the chain. You only pay for what you order.
  7. After-Purchase Care and Support
    Services include cleaning, re-polishing (free if you pay shipping), damage repair (once for free), and resizing.
    I want you to love your jewelry, and keep on loving it for years!
    If you don’t love it, send it back within 30 days for a full refund (minus shipping, of course).

Questions about the jewelry? E-mail Desert Chains