A model wearing two of my pieces

To promote and display Desert Chains jewelry, I am conducting photo shoots of various models wearing the jewelry.

Needed: 2 women, aged 21 – 35

No Experience Needed: You do not need any modeling experience, just a willingness to take directions. In fact, I prefer someone without modeling experience.

Time Needed: 2 hours.

Payment: $40 per hour, total of $80 (I can also create and print a few portrait images for you to keep, if you’re interested.)

If you are interested in being a model for Desert Chains:

  1. E-mail me, David Bowman, at
  2. Send your name, phone number, and age.
  3. Ask any questions you may have

Before you agree to model and I agree to photograph you, I suggest that we meet first. We can meet in downtown Farmington almost any evening.

Place: My home photography studio. I encourage you to bring a girl friend to the shoot if that will make you more comfortable. There is a couch in the studio where she can sit and watch the session.

FYI: The studio looks like this:

Studio Set Up

Where the Photographs will be Used: Images will be published on my various jewelry sales sites. See the sample photos below.

  • Desert Chains (this site): gallery pages, shop product listings, and possibly in informational articles
  • Etsy shop for Chain of Beauty
  • Potentially on printed or other promotional publications

Photo Editing: I will edit the photographs to remove acne, scars, skin blemishes, etc. Photos will be cropped from larger images to feature the parts I need.

Clothing / Accessories to Bring: Bring a variety of outfits from which we can select. One outfit needs to be off-the-shoulder (or something that can be pulled low off-the-shoulder), but the other can be more casual. Jeans or slacks. Bring comfortable shoes. Wear lipstick or lip gloss. Either fully painted nails or no nail polish. Hair worn down (not braided, etc.).

Tattoos: Arm / hand / chest tattoos are not acceptable, but tattoos on the back are ok if they are not too big.

Sample Photographs & Poses

We will do several poses for each item of jewelry, which is about 15 pieces. We will do one set of poses at a time. For the first two sets (hip / profile and shoulder), we will do all the pieces of jewelry. For the third set (bare torso), we will take photographs only of the larger, more complex pieces.

For the third set, you will be turned away from the camera for most of the shots. You will have a towel for privacy as we switch jewelry items.

The images below are from the most recent photo shoots. These are the same poses that we will use.

Phase One: Hip and Profile Poses


Phase Two: Shoulder Poses


Phase Three: Back and Torso Poses


That’s pretty much everything to know about being a jewelry model for Desert Chains. If you’re interested, contact me.